How To Help Stop The Spread Of Germs In Schools

How To Help Stop The Spread Of Germs In Schools

With hundreds of runny noses and sticky fingers in close contact with each other, schools are hotbeds for germs. Learn how to help stop the spread of germs in schools with these tips from Qmin Pharma®.

  1. Prevention is the best form of medicine – make sure your children and everyone in your family is up to date on their vaccinations to avoid –catching illnesses.
  2. Schedule annual physicals for your children, even when they do not feel sick. Many schools require a physical before the start of the school year but it is a good idea even if they don’t
  3. Keep germs in schools to a minimum – don’t let your kids go to school when they are sick.
  4. If you are a teacher, help keep your classroom germ free with Qmin Pharma® Disinfectant Multi-Use Hygiene Liquid and Qmin Pharma® Multi-Use Wipes. Germs fester on desktops and in shared spaces, such as the reading nook, and on computers and pencil sharpeners.
  5. Teach your kids to regularly wash their hands and make sure they know how to wash their hands effectively. A good tip is to have them sing the A-B-Cs or “Happy Birthday” to make sure they are foaming up for the proper amount of time.
  6. Kids should avoid touching their mouths, noses, and eyes. Kids and adults alike regularly contract germs that may cause illness by touching their faces after their hands have come in contact with a virus.

There are a lot of germs in schools, but your kids don’t have to be in danger of getting sick every time they go to class. Follow these tips to stop the spread of germs and keep your children healthy this school year.

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